Thank You - From Jake Herbert

This has been one hell of a journey, and one crazy year. It started almost 1 year ago when I was announcing the US Open in 2014 - watching all the wrestlers I have beaten do what I love and pursuing my dream of becoming a world champion.  I haven’t...

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Jake Herbert Wins the U.S. Open!!

Hear what our own Double Leg Ninja Jake Herbert has to say after his recent U.S. Open Championships.     We at Double Leg Ninja want to congratulate Jake Herbert and all of the other men and women who won their U.S. Open championships this past weekend in Las Vegas,...

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Frank "Gorillahulk" Molinaro and the 65kg weight class!! The toughest ever?

Penn State's assistant coach Frank Molinaro talks with Jake Herbert the 'Double Leg Ninja' about his goals for 2015 and 2016 Wrestling Season and being in the toughest weight class in the USA

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